Hibernate Cartesian Product Problem

This article shows entity setups in which Hibernate executes a Cartesian Product SQL query, which may cause serious performance problems for large data sets. We’ll also study a few typical […]

Hibernate N+1 selects problem

As Hibernate uses JDBC in the background, all the operations we perform on entites, like persisting, deleting or modifying state, result in a set of SQL queries being executed against […]

Pessimistic Locking with Hibernate

This article expands the topic of database related concurrency control in java using the Hibernate Framework. You’ll understand what Pessimistic Locking is and how to implement it with Hibernate. We’ll […]

Hibernate Optimistic Locking

As seen in previous article, Hibernate, by default, follows the JDBC approach of relying on DBMS default transaction isolation level allowing to override it for a specific transaction if required. […]