About blog

I’m really happy you’re visiting this blog, thank you. My name is Adam Stankowski, I started my adventure with software development in 2009, but I didn’t program professionally up till now. I was on a few year break, exploring project and Scrum related work to finally come back to coding recently. I’ve always loved to share my knowledge with others and this blog is a way for me to do it.

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If you enjoy any of my articles, or if you feel like there’s a better way of doing things I described, I’d be super thrilled if you could let me know by commenting at the bottom of the post. This will be a huge motivation boost for me. You’re very welcome to catch me at adam@allaroundjava.com also.
Just to let you know, respect is a big thing for me, so when you’re commenting please respect others, their view and opinion. Any comments which are offensive towards others will not be published.

Blog contents

Topics on the blog will be organized into categories which will provide a broader picture of a particular java related area. I will allso create cycles covering basics and advanced topics around one aspect, just as I’ve learned them. If you’re new to this blog I believe the Start Here page is the best place to visit.

If you’re here for the first time, it’s best if you Start Here

New articles appear on the blog on at least a bi-weekly basis. The initial plan is to cover Hibernate, Rest, Message Queues and Microservices. All of that will definitely contain a bit of Spring. I encourage you to stay in touch by subscribing to newsletter, this is where I’ll be sharing updates on new stuff on the blog. Don’t miss it !